This is where we are going to tell you about out past, and how our novel and practical designs endeared us to exprienced anglers who could appreciate the virtues. How this foundation led to Umpqua, the largest fly vendor on the planet, exclusively distributing our line for three years..Which in turn has lead us to this, Rising 2.0. New machines, new faces, new website, new focus on not only designing products that improve your fishing experience but also making thos eproducts ourselves in-house. Thank you is really in order to all of you who are reading this, and the thousands more who have purchased one of our products. It is this support that has allowed us to go out and augment our shop with solid metal working machines from the 70's retrofitted with modern controllers and digital read outs. With these machines we can be self sufficient, and you can be guaranteed that our gear will be superior in every respect to everything else on the market - er.. except maybe those few items made at machine shops with more experience than us as we know we have a lot to learn and are relying on passion and drive to get us through.. That said, you can be damn sure that what we make is vastly superior to anything made in India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, etc..