Loaded Guide Kit

Price: $225.00
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Product Description

What does every guide need on the water.... After talking with multiple guides throughtout the industry we came to a conclusion that every guide needs certain tools on the water to make things go smooth for him and most importantly putting their clients on fish! Group all of these neccessities below in a single kit and save yourself $20!

1.) Lunker Net: our American Made Anodized Aluminum Nets are perfect for scooping up the biggest and baddest fish in the river, double up as a wading staff, and provide a waterproof container or flask in the handle! Any color with a black or clear bag!

2.) Shot Pack: rock it by itself to hold tools, tippet, flies, etc OR add it to any other backpack, belt, wader strap to give you versatility on the water!

3.) Pliers (BTCroc or Work): keep the fish healthy and get them relased quickly by using our BTCroc Pliers...whether using them as release tool or sneaking around that dry fly hackle to remove the hook the BTCroc pliers are loved by guides around the world. Do you ever fish with nymphs? Well the Work Plier is a guide and nymphers best friend...fully loaded with our custom pick tip to open and easily change or remove splitshots/split rings, while still having the important capabilities of hook removal and line cutting. 

4.) Diamond File: hooks get dull and losing fish sucks... that's why we make our Diamond File Hook Hone so that you can keep all of your hooks sharp and rust free... you never know when you need the sharpest hook on the planet to get that fish of a lifetime.

5.) Nippa: changing flies is something every guide does quite often, save your teeth and keep your rigs tight by using our Nippa, you can be confident that it will handle your line cutting needs as we hand tune and check each one of these with tippet before they are sent out.